Writing is just like any other profession, one we practice, learn and get better at. I have seen people wanting to tell other their stories, willing to write, but not knowing how to. Truth be told, it’s pretty easy to write, it’s the rest of it that’s the real challenge.

In this post, I have collected some crucial points that can help you write your blog and get it started.

  1. Have a story to tell

Writing Diaries: How to Write a Blog

It is probably the most essential part of writing a blog. If you don’t have something to tell, there is no point. There are thousands of blogs out there, in order to make yours stand out you need to give them something to think about. We all have different perceptions, readers want to hear different ones, better ones.

2. Know your argument

Research is the key to everything. You can write a standard 500-words blog in 30 minutes if you know what you are talking about. That confidence of knowing your deal comes with knowing everything that comes with it. Research gives you that leverage. You will be surprised at things you discover when you step out and look around.

Use your contacts, Internet, other blogs and articles, or personal stories, but be prepared for you never know what difference your facts and tips can make in someone’s life.

3. Critics are crucial – start with friends and family

Writing Diaries: How to Write a Blog

Practice makes a man perfect but reviews can make your work a lot better, a lot faster. Having critics that have genuine opinions to your writing can make your blog hundred times better. Remember you are writing to tell your story, so it is important to know how that story is perceived by others.

And there is no better place to start than your family and friends. Show them your work, ask for their honest opinions, and consider what they have to say. Take criticism in a positive way and work through them.

4. Be concise

You need to be able to convey your writing in the simplest manner. You can write 5 pages on how to make tea, or you can make a quick 5 pointers list. You can go on ranting about your trip to Disney Land, or you can make it informative and fun by adding what’s relevant and worth telling.

It’s for you to decide what really needs to be told. But as humans, I can tell you our average attention span is not that great and thus keeping it short and simple will take you far.

5. Take help with what you don’t know

If your job is to write, don’t get stuck in technicalities. I have seen people wasting months on setting a website for their blog when services like WordPress make the whole process a matter of hours.

There is no shame in admitting that you don’t know something, and there is nothing better than to learn it. However, time is one thing you can’t ignore and unless you are looking to build a career in IT industry, taking help of these sites with quick and free templates will save you loads of it.

6. Use the power of social media

Writing Diaries: How to Write a Blog

As I said, writing is the easy part. People need to know about your existence. You need to have a presence on social media to promote your writings. I know it might sound a tedious process, but trust me you can make it fun with organizing interesting campaigns and whatnot. Facebook and Instagram have become a necessity today and you need to use it to your advantage.

7. Quora and Guests blogs are a powerful tool

Other than social media, there are other platforms where you can build your presence. Sites like Quora can help you build your profile. I started writing various answers on Quora and it did not only help me create my presence but it also improved my writing. Guest blogs are another powerful tool to promote your blog.

Promotion and building presence needs whole another post but remember that writing is not difficult when you have something to say. And it will only become easier. The only thing you need to do is start writing. You might not have the best piece but you will have taken your first step towards the perfect piece.

Happy Writing!



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