Will Women Ever Rule the World?


Women have been at war for far too long. For their rights, to protect themselves against violence – sexual, domestic, and every possible kind, equal pay, respect, and whatnot. The fight isn’t against men but against the deep-rooted misunderstandings and workings of the society. It is against those corrupted old-fashioned minds who still view women as a property to be owned.

Many have taken the wrong advantage of this fight, including girls themselves. In anyways, however, we cannot deny the need of this. The need to spread awareness, fight for what is right, and curb the wrongdoings under the false pretense of women rights.

Women taking lead

Will Women Ever Rule the World?

Girls for long have been going toe to toe against men in every possible field. They have entered in what was believed to be jobs appropriate for men only. And needless to say, they are shining in the brightest shade. I will keep this discussion limited to Indian women. After all, India is struggling with accepting women taking the lead.

It wasn’t until recently that we, die-hard cricket fans, took notice of Indian women cricket team. The team, despite their great performance, have struggled to make their presence known. In the recent Asian Games, our players did amazingly well, bringing an all-time best of 69 medals back home. Our female players did brilliantly too including – Vinesh Phogat, Rahi Sarnobat, Swapna Barman, Dutee Chand, PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, and many more.

Besides sports, girls are doing great in the Entertainment industry too. With the release of Love Sonia, Mrunal Thakur proved that a great movie doesn’t need a big superstar or a male lead. Instead, it needs strong content and an equally strong actor to portray the character.

In technical terms, a recent HRD survey depicted that the gender gap is slowly but steadily narrowing when it comes to higher education. The number of girls going for masters is increasing and there is a will do to better.

The violence continues

Even with the slow improvement, we cannot overlook everything that is going wrong. As I said earlier, the fight continues. According to a survey by Thomson Reuters Foundation, India was found to be the most dangerous country for women.

No one can forget the outrage that followed after the Nirbhaya’s rape case. The bad news, however, is that the number still continues to grow. There are thousands of complaints being lodged in every department from sexual harassment to domestic violence on a regular basis. Even with all the digital transformation, development, and women knowing better, the crime grows and has grasped the country in a state of fear.

The question thus remains – Will GirlsEver Rule the World?

Will Women Ever Rule the World?

Possibly not. If it ever becomes a reality, it’s a long long way. We still have a lot of accepting to do and a lot of crime to fight. Women doing good in their fields shouldn’t be a surprise but a normal thing. Women getting equal pay or dominating in an Engineering class in numbers should be a casual view. The day we are able to make these scenarios a reality, possibly then can women rule the world.

Until then, we can only defend each other and be the best version of ourselves!


  1. Very truly want this change in our society that women can rule in the world. As already mentioned in this article about our past beliefs & thinking or we can say mindset of people that women can not do better than a man but this is totally wrong as i believe. Because a man can only go for earning to their family but a woman has so many roles in their lives, like she has to do household work, take care of family, maintain relationship with relatives also now a days is very popular that a woman has to go for work or earning outside. So she has to play so many roles at one time even though they do great job in their fields. In any area if they get chance to proof their selves they just do it in miraculous ways. Also women has so much patients to handle any situation rather than a man so yes woman can rule the world and they should definitely get chance to prove this ……

  2. If girls rule the world. It a big achievement for us. We have seen that people only saying that girls and boys are equal but when they have to choose one of them they always give priority to boys. That time they don’t trust girls and their ability. Like if someone wants to hire a chauffeur and if their is a girl in that place they don’t trust on her people thought if they choose that chauffeur. Accident definitely occur with them. People girls are not good in driving. They always underestimate the girl power. If a girl can handle both the house as well as her duty also then how she can’t drive a car. We can take any field. girls can give a strong competition to any boy in any field. We only need to encourage her,give her appropriate chance to prove herself.

  3. Very nice article… Writer includes all the things why is girl not rule over the world because nobody trust them and their mentality are also different for girl and a boy…may be it will happen that a woman will rule over the world…


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