India has been grasped in the black ugly world of violence for too long. Even with all the awareness and protection laws, no one is safe. Women, especially, face the worst of this situation with the rate of rape and sexual violence on an all-time high. As working women, it is our duty to protect ourselves in the best way possible. Self-defense is something every woman should learn and practice on a regular basis. Here’s why it is so essential.

Why is Self-Defense Important for Working Women?

  1. It’s all about confidence

Self-defense gives you the confidence that you need in times of sticky situations where we generally froze. You are filled with confidence having the knowledge that you can take care of yourself. A sliver of confidence can make all the difference when you are stuck in an unfavorable scenario. Armed with techniques and the knowledge that you can, there is no way someone can overpower you or bring any harm to you.

  1. It comes in handy in all situations

As a working woman, there are various situations you might find yourself in. Working late nights, meeting strangers, going to foreign places for business, and so on. No matter what sort of situation you are stuck in, knowing self-defense, you need not worry about your well-being, ever again.

Why is Self-Defense Important for Working Women?

  1. It’s an expression of independence

Just how many times have your parents told you not to go anywhere alone? Mine ask me that every day. Knowing self-defense can give you your independence. You won’t have to depend on your father, brother, or husband. In fact, knowing some badass moves, you can probably take care of them. As a working woman, you will find yourself alone in many situations. You may even live by yourself in a different city. Knowing some techniques will let you enjoy your independence more freely.

  1. Self-defense is the same for men as it is for women

Men face the same situation as women more number of times than you can imagine. Violence against men is increasing at the same rate as violence against women. Self-defense is thus not only a crucial tool for women but men also. Sign up your little brother or co-worker along when you go for the next self-defense class.

Why is Self-Defense Important for Working Women?

Knowing how to defend yourself is probably the best gift you can ever give yourself. Defending yourself is not just about techniques but confidence, calming your nerves down and analyzing the whole situation. But when you do have some tricks up your sleeves, everything else comes rather easily.

Taking classes on a regular basis will make you more self-aware. Besides self-defense, you can always keep a track of your surroundings, and be extra careful when traveling or working alone. It’s better to be cautious than to be regretful later on. And trust me, knowing that you can kick someone’s ass is something you will be proud of. Here are a few videos with some basic tricks and techniques you can never go wrong with.

Happy learning!


  1. It is very important because by performing self defense women becomes more aware and active in her life in and out. A women should always be more and more confident to face world against her. Self defense techniques are so important to learn for future references.

  2. In now days self defense is important for girls..just like education.It does not matter that you are a house wife or a working woman…both need to protect herself from all danger..why Everytime girl suffer from harassment..self defense should be compulsive in every school so that parents don’t need to search additional institute for there children..

  3. This is very important topic because nowdays crime rates are increasing day by day. We should trained our all girls and ladies so that they can handle any unfavorable situation. By using these techniques girls and women confidence will be definitely high and they protect their families too. Government should be arranged these types of defence classes in every places.

  4. This is very important topic which every women and girls should know. Because Now a days every women and girls go out for working, studying and for other works also. So there are many strangers to whom they meet also whose intentions are not good for them and they just want to harass, try to get physical with them so in that case women has to take an action. So Self defense education must given t girls since their childhood.

  5. I feel that it’s important for us but most of time people have a knowledge after this they don’t take action they agree to live in that environment .and allow people to reply and sexual harassment.

  6. I feel that it’s important for us but most of time people have a knowledge after this they don’t take action they agree to live in that environment .and allow people to reply and sexual harassment. Firstly people should think about this

  7. Your article made me motivated towards self defence training. Now definitely i will join the classes.
    Thank you.
    Really appreciated.


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