This one simple remedy will help you treat cold


    People often cannot sleep in nights due to cough, although they can cure it without any hassle or commercial medicine but before we think about cure of any problem we should know about the root of problem. Coughing is an automatic reaction to try to clear your airways. You may cough if you choke on food and it enters your windpipe instead of going down the food pipe or you may need to cough if you breathe in chemicals or smoke that irritates your airways. The cough reflex protects the airways of your lungs. However, it is important to seek medical attention if you have a cough that lasts for more than three weeks. If you’re short of breath, cough up blood or have unexplained problems like weight loss or a high temperature (fever), you should see your doctor urgently.

    It’s knowable to have cough and cold during winter or when the weather changes. People with low immunity mostly become sufferers and as winters begin, they try different methods to prevent the effects of cold weather or to cure cold and cough: for most of us, ginger tea is the best remedy to treat or cure cough and cold. It is easily available and found in every kitchen. It is spicy and inexpensive and also fresh ginger root can be an all time favorite pick for cold care. The anti-inflammatory properties in ginger root will help you in relieving a sore-throat quickly. But let’s say if you hate tea and you hate an aching throat too? What would you do? Then there is an answer for you…

    Put a small piece of ginger in your mouth and keep it for some time and swallow its juice. You may not like the taste but it will definitely give you the calming effect. In no time, the sourness in your throat will soothe down apportion and you will feel better than before. You may not know it but this terrific method helps in neutralizing a poor taste in your mouth.

    On the other hand, you can also do this, cut a piece (about an inch and a half long) of fresh ginger. You can either chop it or grate it. Put it in a cup of warm water and let it meet for five minutes. Squeeze the ginger and drink the warm water. You want flavor; you can add a spoonful of honey.

    However; if you prefer tea, here’s how you should make your tea. It is another effective way to treat cold the most preferred teas and has many health benefits. It not only treats cold but helps in relieving nausea, reduces inflammation, fights respiratory problems and improves blood circulation. So, sip a hot cup of green tea and gain its different health benefits. For children, reduce the concentration of the tea a bit, so it becomes less spicy.

    If in case you do not have ginger in your kitchen then you better take warm water because warm water helps food to get rid of food from windpipe and it is not always necessary that you have problem then you think about remedies because if you take warm water as a routine it will protect you from so many similar diseases. 



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