The congress party has got another chance to protest against BJP, party has called for a nationwide protest on Friday outside CBI offices across the country, seeking for an apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and reinstatement of CBI director Alok Verma who has been sent on leave. However union minister Arun Jaitley squashed the Opposition’s charges as “rubbish” and insisted the “interim measures” were taken to ensure “fairness and maintain institutional integrity” Director Rakesh Asthana, CBI director Alok Verma moved the supreme court on Wednesday and warned of grave danger to the agency’s independence while seeking a stay on the centre’s decision asking him to go on leave pending an inquiry by the central vigilance commission (CVC).

Jaitley: Govt acted to save CBI’s integrity

Union Minister Arun jaitley said “The charges led to a bizarre and unfortunate situtuation. Verma and Asthana will not have any role in the SBI’s functioning in corruption cases until further orders and infighting in the CBI had resulted in a situation where action was necessary to ensure its institutional integrity for a fair and free investigation into charges leveled, finance minister”.

Requests for info blocked, says CVC

In an eight-page order, CVC divested CBI chief Alok Verma of his power and instructed him “not to exercise any function power; duty and supervisory role.” CVC explained its action in terms of section of the CVC Act that gives it power to supervise corruption cases being probed by CBI. CVC, which also vets and approves all senior level appointments in CBI, said the order to divest Verma was taken as he did not make available records relating to allegation of corruption against him.

Congress leader in Loksabha writes to Pm over CBI chief’s removal

 Mallikarjun Kharge in letter writes to PM protests Alok Verma’s removal, arguing that replacing CBI director may only be done by the search committee, of which he and the CJI are a part.


  1. The ongoing crisis of CBI has two facets, one is political and another is constitutional. This is an extraordinary situation where credibility of the premier agency is at the stake. Government of the day needs to address the crisis in a holistic manner.


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