Skills needed for future job market in the world

Experts often list down five market sectors that will gain prominence in the coming time. It is time students embraced the change

Countries having youth population find in the world a unique advantage to be in top list countries of the world in terms of skilled workers. However, a young population is both an opportunity as well as a problem depending on how the advantage is utilized to boost the economy. The rapidly growing population indicates the urgent need for skills development in order to enable the growing population to have meaningful employment. An education that places an emphasis on imparting skills over rote learning and memorization is necessary to ensure that the youth are gainfully employed.

For India to maintain its stature of being the largest provider of skilled programmers and technologist, it has to ensure that its population is skilled accordingly so as to remain competitive in the global arena. What follows are five important skills that will continue to be in high demand in the Indian job market in the years to come.

Programming or Coding

Coding or programming in language such as Java script or Python has consistently been a skill that is in high demand. Many companies in the past few years have produced both hardware and software that feature augmented reality and machine learning. Individuals who possess the skills required to create, design and refine application that make the most of these technologies and application programming interfaces, will be able to consistently secure rewarding employment.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning (ML) being branch of Artificial intelligence (AL), has proved itself to be one of the most important technological developments in last few years as it facilitates algorithms and programs to continually learn and improve their efficiency with time. Individuals possessing a sounds understanding of machine learning will ensure that they become integral components of both emerging and established corporation.

Mobile Applications

Companies are constantly in need of mobile applications that make their products or service accessible to the growing target audience. An exciting direction in which mobile applications are currently headed in is integrating technologies such as augmented reality like Pokémon GO. Applications such as these blend elements from the environment around users making the content appearing on screen more engaging.

Search Engine Optimization

Companies are constantly on the lookout for individuals with digital marketing skills in order to be able to better their presence and visibility across the internet. This skill has obvious advantages as greater exposure to users across the internet would result in more customer and thus revenue.


It is no surprise that cyber security and information security are one of the highest paying and most wanted skill sets. Ransom ware attacks such a WannaCry along with hardware vulnerabilities that were exhibited in Meltdown and Specter have become the new norm in modern society. As the world continues its reliance on outsourcing services such as cloud computing providers, coupled with internal networks that are vulnerable, the need for businesses to staff a skilled security team is of utmost importance.

These emerging skill sets will be evolving at an exponential pace and wrapping one’s head around them to stay ahead of the curve is essential. A young population can only become an asset if sufficient job opportunities are created and the youth is skilled enough to meet the aspiration of the populace.

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  1. Thanks for sharing to us because it is banifical for us .education is important for us .if we r educated person and we have alot knowledge about anything else we can be rich’s also neccessary for us to know about skill.


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