Organizational Goals


A goal is a consideration of near future target or desired output that a person or a group of any organization plans and determines to achieve. Often people endeavor to get desired goals several times by setting deadlines within the group. A goal can be called an aim or target to achieve within the time by the help of remaining group members, it also depends on a person or groups what they plan to get whether the desired goal is achievable or not because sometimes people set unrealistic goals which cannot be achieved by any individual or group.

Goals are crucial for any organization in order to keep productivity levels on rise at work place and to sustain the growth of the company. Goals should be revolved around the development in the organization along with the employee’s progress in terms of professional life. Profitable goals means creating improvising working skills professionally and effective working practices. One should keep in mind the need and aim before setting any goal because when you know what is your need and mission then it becomes quite realistic and easy to achieve any goal.

Often people end up learning irrelevant skills to their professions and have a loss of time and money, although it is a part of professional development when you continue to explore at any stage of your career but before opting skills and practices one should analyze the situation where you work, what you do and what new you can do then choose the skill. It is always beneficial to be familiar with updated technology because new technology means better and easier way of working in organization.

Points to work upon

To improve communication within the team and develop new tool of office communication

Have leadership programs

Have feedback from team and within the team

Improvise individually presentation skills

Have brainstorming over the new product or technology

Have managing people programs, activities such as games and parties

Have discussion over achievements and rewards.

Discuss about rivals and the strategy of defeating them within the time frame


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