• Holiday resort: a place where lots of people go for a holiday
  • Hordes of tourists: crowds of tourists at one place
  • Local crafts: objects produced locally and within the area only
  • Long weekend: an extended weekend holiday including Friday or Monday to do any activity
  • Out of season: outside of the main holiday period when people very rarely visit
  • Picturesque village: very pretty village which has old buildings.
  • Passport control: the place where your passport is checked for verification
  • Places of interest: sites of interest to tourists which are worth visiting
  • Wildlife safari: a holiday, often in Africa, to observe wild animals and have risk
  • Self-catering: a holiday where you supply your own food or prepare on your own
  • Short break: a short holiday from busy schedule
  • To go sightseeing:  to look around the tourist sites along with your group
  • Stunning landscape: extremely beautiful countryside where people are rich in traditions
  • Travel agent: a shop or a person that specializes in booking holidays or help in planning your trip
  • Tourist trap: somewhere where too many tourists go to enjoy or relax
  • Youth hostel: a cheap form of accommodation mainly for singles
  • Manifest: for any tour operator, a manifest is one of the most important documents holding information about every person who has booked on a particular tour and provides insight into the popularity of the tour, the timing of the tour, the timing of the tour and overall schedule for the day. The online booking system can help you manage your manifest and automate these tasks, hassle-free.
  • Natural Attraction: a tourist attraction in a particular area that is a natural phenomenon and popular natural attractions including oceans, beaches, lakes, mountains, hiking trails and waterfalls.
  • Nature Cruise: a tourist activity that takes visitors by boat to view natural sights, such as waterfalls, lakes, sunsets, rivers and jungle areas.
  • Online Booking: a reservation software that allows clients to book online directly with your company.
  • Payment Gateway: software, used to charge customer through credit or debit card and send money directly to bank account.
  • Promo Codes: promotional codes that a customer during the checkout to get discount.
  • QR Code: QR code is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode and a barcode is a machine- readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached along with prize.
  • Retail Rate: the final amount the customer pays for a tourism product.
  • Specialized Travel Agent: a travel agent, who is specialized in one particular travel destination or type of activity for instance, some travel agents know Australia very well while others are more fluent in other languages.
  • Travel Guide: a guide that offers insight to the various activities to do in particular location including tours, hotels, restaurants, activities and other local areas that should be visited.
  • All-in package/package holiday: a holiday where you purchase the travel and accommodation together
  • Breathtaking view: an extremely beautiful view mainly which has not been seen
  • Charter-flight: a cheaper form of flying than a scheduled flight
  • Check-in desk: the place at the airport where you confirm  your flight and deposit your luggage
  • Departure lounge: where you wait for your flight to be announced before boarding
  • Far-off destination: somewhere a long way to travel for any purpose
  • To get away from it all: to take a holiday  for few days to escape a busy or stressful lifestyle so that person can recharge
  • Guided tour: an organized group shown around a place of interest by professional.
  • Holiday brochure: a shiny publication with details of holiday packages which includes the prizes as well
  • Holiday destination: where you go for a holiday after planning
  • Holiday of a lifetime: a special holiday that you are not going to repeat


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