1. Well my view on this topic is that India is a developing country not develop. So many people are not educated. They can not know how to use technology. I know in cashless economy the corruption is very less as compare to cash economy. But some people can easily track the website in cashless economy. So my opinion on this topic is, India is not ready for cashless economy.

  2. I do not agree because India is not developed country, some people do not know about technology.because some people are not educated that’s why they do not know how to use technology system.

  3. In my opinion cashless economy is very gud because Cashless India is a mission launched by the Government of India led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reduce dependency of Indian economy of cash.but firstly we should aware and literate then we are ready to cashless economy.

  4. Well, I strongly believe that cashless economy is beneficial as well as crucial .. yeah now a days everyone is using cashless economy.out of 100% approximately 80% people throughout the India do have a knowledge about cashless .it a very convenient way to run your life..

  5. In my opinion cash less economy is good and yes government of India do something towards. After Demonetisation cash less economy it’s increase rapidly but we have to say that it’s not completely cash free. Still India not yet ready for cashless economy because there rural area people s have no any idea of cashless economy and people not much educate about cashless topic that reason still not ready for cashless economy .

  6. Well , in my opinion Everything takes time to settle up , in context with cashless economy many people are not used to it but the number of people who use it are gradually increasing day by day . So in some years India will be ready for cashless economy.

  7. Well. Cashless economy is depending to knowledge and experience . If country is doing growth in cashlass .every one should be useful .

  8. First time I say thankyou for gd topic.
    In my opinion it’s not good to all of us because many people does not understand about cashless economy like villagers .they don’t know to start 📱. They understand Nokia. So that’s no possible to all of us.

  9. well you said, but its a time consuming process because many of people dont know about it. but in other words it is assumed that india is ready for cashless because india have a large no. of youngesters so in that way india is ready for cashless


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