Experts believe regular exercise keeps the body young and helps to look great

According to new research Ball State University, exercising on the regular basis over life time may help keep the body ten years younger. A recent analysis of septuagenarians who have been exercising for more than ten years, found that they have heart and lung capacity and muscles fitness like healthy people in their early forties. The study is beneficial because not only it encourages people for exercise but also provides an opportunity to get the physiological benefit of long term exercise by comparing exercise in their 70s with their counter parts along with their own age people. If collage goers do exercise regularly they are more likely to score better and also they can overcome any problem easily, in other it can be said exercise is more important than anything.

Researcher Scottrape, who led the study, said, we observed “people who do exercise regularly along with normal diet have better overall health. These seventy five year olds- man and women- have similar cardio vascular health to a forty to forty five year old” experts believe 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day may be the key to healthy life. If you walk for 30 to 40 minutes in day, the amount of health benefit you are going to get from that is likely to be significant and substantial.



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